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REASONS WHY STUDENT FAIL FOR THEIR EXAM It is hard to seek out out why most student of our time mostly fail during exams lately , but here are some basic causes of educational failure in our present generation

1 No Parental Love The impact most parents wear the tutorial success of their children is immeasurable. There are still students who their success depends on their home lives, but other students need a stable home and a parent or guardian who stays involved and makes sure their attendance is steady

2 POOR LEARNING METHODS Some students find it had to review . At some point within the academic life, they realize that the work possesses harder and that they can not continue.

3 LACK OF MOTIVATION the shortage of motivation is usually nebulous Modern students are familiar with instant gratification, not slowly working towards an eventual reward.

4 LOW self-worth Once a student start believing that they’re not good or they’re bad at a topic , they’re going to always be “bad” at that subject. Break the cycle of self-defeating thoughts and check out to “reprogram” your mindset and send positive messages into the brain and your esteem thereon own.

5 NOT ENOUGH REVISION very first thing first, revision doesn’t mean reading. Revising is a lively process. Students don’t understand what they’re reading. they ought to know what every word means, be ready to analyze every diagram, bullet point, graph. Mind maps, highlighting key point and note summaries on cards are all useful ways of doing active revision

6 LACK of faculty RESOURCES AND STAFF With low resources and staff within the school, most faculties have gone to full inclusion, and at an equivalent time, there’s a scarcity of qualified teachers across the varsity . some lazy teachers who teach because they “want to urge paid”. they are doing not care is “they did their duty”. Even a number of the teacher who goes into the category , say a couple of words and assign student to try to to some work.

7 TOO LATE ON REVISION Revision should be stared in order that there’s enough time to know , learn, memorize, and to practice past questions.


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