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This Week’s Top Stories About Coronovirus


This Week’s Top Stories About Coronovirus

Nowadays, everybody within the world is scared of the deadly virus outburst, called the corona. Coronavirus (CoV) may be a respiratory virus identified in humans first which is originated from China first. The infection has spread around the world very rapidly. it’s a zoonotic virus that’s transmitted between animals & citizenry. There are quite 42000 suspected people thanks to CoV that occurred in China. This respiratory virus has spread to quite 35 countries. In Italy, the number of individuals who tested positive for the illness increased by quite 200 to 650. Other countries apart from China & Italy that have the utmost number of infected people with Corona Virus are South Korea & Iran.

Viruses & the diseases both are different from their meaning. COVID-19 (Corona Virus Disease-19) is that the disease which is caused by the virus named Corona Virus. SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) is additionally the disease; which is caused by the virus SARS-CoV, the virus. SARS-CoV is like one among the relations of the Corona Virus.

Classification of Coronavirus symptoms Of Corona Virus

Symptoms may appear 2-14 days after the exposure. If you’ve got been in China within the past few weeks & you’re facing a severe respiratory illness; then visit your doctor immediately. it’s contagious which may be transmitted through the air. Some studies even have shown that every infected person could spread the virus between 2-3 uninfected people. While a number of the precise symptoms which may be-

Severe Headache
Shaking Chills
Shortness of Breath

In severe cases, COVID-19 can cause Pneumonia, renal failure & even can cause death. Corona Virus can also cause fever, cough, breathing difficulties, and shortness of breath. In some cases, the bulk of individuals infected with this virus doesn’t have a runny nose or don’t show other symptoms. In some recent news, a 20-year-old woman wasn’t showing any symptom of coronavirus yet she was then detected with Coronavirus. Hence, checkup to your doctor a timely basis is important. For those with a weakened system, regardless of youngsters or elders, there’s an opportunity the virus could cause a lower & far more serious tract illness.

Symptoms of COVID-19

How Does It Spread?

The virus spread from human to human

Through air by coughing & sneezing
Close personal contact like shaking hands
Touching an infected area or surface & then touching your mouth or nose without washing your hands.
Experts have said that the new coronavirus gets inside your noses, eyes & mouth to infect us. one among the ways this will easily be happened by touching the infected surface & then to your face.
Another thing is that we touch our phone constantly, and it might be mean to spread the virus.
Viruses are carried in tiny droplets. it’s released when an infected person sneezes.
The virus is often transmitted from animals. Hence, touching the animals with bare hands also can transmit the disease.
Currently, there’s no vaccine is out there to stop corona. But you’ll reduce the transmission by washing your hands with soap & water; then cleaning your hands with clean & safe hand sanitizer.
Avoid contact with people that are sick. Also, avoid contact with animals.
If you’re mildly sick then keep hydrated & take rest.
If equivalent symptoms are showing then visit your doctor.
Try to hardly touch your face, eyes, noses & mouth. If you would like to try to do so, then clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer first.
People must occupy at least 1 meter far away from the infected person.
Good coughing etiquette also can lower the danger of contracting this disease.
Clean your hands regularly with a clean & safe hand sanitizer.
Avoid handshake & use an Indian traditional way of NAMASTE to scale back the danger of spreading this disease.

prevention of coronavirus

How To Cure This Virus Contraction?

Currently, there are not any medications available to cure this virus. However, we will treat COVID-19 by taking a pain reliever, cough syrup or medications, rest, & fluid intake.

The preparedness for the disease is the maximum amount important as curing the disease. Edith Bracho-Sanchez, a pediatrician with Columbia University center says fever reducers like acetaminophen or ibuprofen must be there in your house.

There are a total of 29 infected cases found in India. In Delhi, there’s 1 patient, in Agra, there are 6, in Telangana, there’s 1 and in Kerala, there are 3 suspected cases found. 15 Italian tourists are tested positive for the coronavirus within the western desert of Rajasthan in India.

Many countries are making efforts to stop the coronavirus outbreak; out of which Japan government also making a high effort to limit this disease contraction. On 15th Jan 2020, there was a primary infected case found in Japan. Since then the govt alerted the general public about the virus outbreak & took a proactive measure. Since, Jan 30, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has arranged a gathering almost a day & gave instructions to relevant ministers & deputies to require proper precautions. the Japanese government has taken bold & timely decisions like restrictions on large-scale events & closure of faculties. Their government also announced the basic policies of the expert analysis of leading communicable disease scientists.

Myths & Facts About CORONA Virus

There are some myths about coronavirus which are as below-

Myth: There are special medicines to stop the coronavirus.

Fact: To the date, there are not any medicines recommended for prevention or cure the CORONA virus.

Myth: The CORONA virus affects older people.

Fact: People of all ages are often infected. Older people & people with pre-existing medical conditions appear to be more vulnerable.

Myth: Antibiotics are effective in preventing or treating the coronavirus.

Fact: Antibiotics don’t work against viruses. But, if you’re hospitalized for COVID-19 doctors will offer you antibiotics alongside other medicines; because bacterial co-infection is feasible.

Myth: Eating garlic can help to stop the infection.

Fact: Garlic may be a healthy food which will have some antimicrobial properties. However, there’s no such evidence from the present outbreak that garlic will protect people from the new coronavirus.

Myth: Putting on vegetable oil block the coronavirus from entering the body.

Fact: No. vegetable oil doesn’t kill the virus. Some chemical disinfectants like chlorine-based disinfectant, ethanol & chloroform can help.

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