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Way to Maintain Personal Hygiene

Way to Maintain Personal Hygiene


Way to Maintain Personal Hygiene

Way to Maintain Personal Hygiene 

Good personal hygiene is very good to the health, it not just only for keeping yourself clean, but for maintaining good health and overall wellbeing. By observing good hygienic practice daily. You can avoid infection disease and prevent it from spreading.

1 Shower daily: Take a shower twice daily, its guaranteed to rid your body of any dirt, sweat and/or germs you got during the day or night, and will prevent acne and another skin disease. Of course bathing daily help you fill fresh and smell good throughout the day.

2 Drink more of Water: water help in making our body system work well. Increased water intake promotes a healthy immune system and is crucial to good hygiene. Drinking water recommended a minimum of eight glasses of water daily will help you maintain your skins healthy glow and avoid bad breath.

3. Wash your hands with soap and water: This is one of the most important ways to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others. Wash your hands after using the restroom or caring for someone who is sick, before preparing food, and at regular time throughout the day.

4. Wear clean clothes: Dirty clothes bread bacteria and will make you smell and uncomfortable. Wash your clothes, or at least sun them, after each wear. Never put on sweaty or wet clothes.

5. Wear deodorant: Antiperspirant serves the purpose of controlling too much sweat, while deodorants help avoid the unpleasant smell caused by bacterial activity that occurs when you perspire. Aluminum-free deodorants are safer and come highly recommended.

6. Wash your mouth: this is very important causes is from the mouth you used to talk to people so when you don’t brush your mouth daily people might not likely come around you. Regular teeth-brushing helps prevent gum disease. Floss your teeth every night to prevent gingivitis and tooth decay. Regular brushing also wards off mouth odor.

7. Sleep well: Regular consistent sleep every night will keep you refreshed and fit for each day. Inadequate sleep may ruin your day or negatively affect your productivity at work. At least 6 hours of sleep is recommended for adults. Give your body the rest it deserves.

8. Keep your bed clean: Washing your beddings(bed-sheets, pillowcase, blankets,e.t.c) will aid better sleeping conditions by removing dead skin cells, sand, and dirt, as well as dust mites and other bugs that climb to the sheets. Not washing your sheets will cause a build-up of oil from the body, which may result in skin irritations and acne. Get extra sheets, so that you can alternate sets.

9. Don’t share personal hygiene items: it is inadvisable to share towels, razors, combs, sponges, and items from your makeup purse, as this can increase the likelihood of contracting infections from affected persons.

10. Take care of your fingernails: Regular cutting of fingernail helps you keep your hands clean, and will also prevent hangnails and infected nail beds. Trim your nails daily. Also soak your fingers in warm soapy water weekly (at least once) to release dirt and residue from beneath the nails. It is advisable to moisturize your cuticle and nails regularly

Start with a new habit for improving your Hygiene. Start today, stay clean, stay healthy.

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